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Association of Jersey Charities Grant Application Form

Applications for grants from the Association of Jersey Charities are only accepted from existing members.
Members may apply for grants up to a maximum of £50,000 each year.

To qualify for a grant:

  1. The applicant has been a member of the Association for at least six consecutive months prior to making the application (save that this requirement may be waived in circumstances of exceptional and manifest need at the discretion of the Executive Committee); and
  2. The grant is to be applied (directly or indirectly) for the benefit of residents of Jersey or their family; and
  3. The grant is to be applied to a charitable purpose; and
  4. The applicant has displayed a sufficient need for such grant (see below for definition of need).

For the avoidance of doubt the Association defines a charitable purpose as one for:

  • The advancement of education;
  • The advancement of religion;
  • The relief of or research into ill health; or
  • Any other purpose of benefit to the community not falling within the preceding heads.

Applications for grants will only be accepted where they meet the following conditions:

  1. The application is received on or before the deadline date for submitting applications for the next meeting of the Committee (as publicised on the Association’s website); and
  2. The application form is (in the opinion of the Committee) properly completed; and
  3. All papers and information in support of the application have been provided with the application in a form acceptable to the Committee on or before the deadline date. Including 2 quotes where goods and services are being applied for up to £9,999 and 3 quotes for grant requests of £10,000 and more.

You must enclose the following documents/information with your printed copy of the application form:

  • Financial accounts which are no more than 18 months old;
  • Bank statements showing balances on all accounts held by your organisation;
  • Where equipment is to be purchased or building improvements carried out, quotations or estimates of the anticipated costs.

Grants requests in excess of £5,000 must also be accompanied by:

  • Cashflow and surplus projection for the 18 months from the date of this application;
  • 18 month expenditure forecast from the date of this application;
  • 18 month income forecast from the date of this application;
  • Financial statements for last three years (where applicable).

Furthermore, the Administrator must be in receipt of your annual subscription and Annual Return.

Any grant not claimed against in a two year period will be cancelled and returned to the general pot for redistribution, save those grants where an incremental payment plan has been agreed.

Guidance note on grant applications

How much can I apply for?

The maximum grant which an eligible member can apply for in any financial year is £50,000 however applications for grants in excess of £30,000 are subject to additional scrutiny. The financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March in the following year.

The criteria which apply to all grant applications can be found at along with the process for submitting an application. You should also check the Essential Reading on this page.

If you are (or may be) applying for more than £30,000, you should refer to the guidance on applications for large grants, found via the link above. If your organisation is likely to make more than one grant application in the year, please make sure you understand how the large grant conditions will apply to you.

Guidance on applications for large grants (amounts of £30,001 to £50,000)

The Association anticipates that large grants will relate to significant one-off projects or expenditures and therefore it is unlikely that any member will be awarded a large grant in consecutive years.

The additional criteria which apply to an application for a large grant are:

  • • The applicant must have been established for long enough to demonstrate a track record of delivery of its service and must provide evidence of both the need and such delivery to the Committee.
  • • The applicant must provide a project proposal to the Committee. This should include an assessment of need, the priority of the project, consideration of alternatives (such as working with other service providers), consideration of other financing options and indicators of how the success (or otherwise) of the project will be monitored. Please bear in mind that the Committee will include assessment of the potential impact, and will need a post project impact report. Where appropriate, details of financial and budgetary controls you plan to operate throughout should also be included.
  • • The Committee must be satisfied that the amount of the grant requested is reasonable in light of the applicant’s own financial position and fundraising capability. This does not preclude charities deemed “small” in terms of financial net assets from applying for a large grant if they can demonstrate appropriate financial controls and meet all other criteria.
  • • If a grant is awarded, the applicant must have the resources to provide the Committee with regular project updates such as quarterly financial reports.

The Committee has discretion to attach any conditions which it sees fit to any large grant award. These requirements are in accordance with the Association's funding Service Level Agreement.

Can I submit a number of smaller applications which will exceed £30,000?

Organisations intending to make 2 or more applications in a year have 2 options:

  • • Submit the applications individually, but accept that the maximum which can be applied for is £30,000. Any applications in excess of £30,000 will automatically be rejected.
  • • Co-ordinate and prioritise the applications in advance and comply with the additional criteria when making the first application. The project rationale supplied with the first application must then state it is the first of a number of applications for a specified sum in excess of £30,000. If all criteria are met at that stage, a conditional award will be made subject to receipt of formal applications for the remainder.

I’ve already had a grant approved in this financial year, can I top it up to £50,000?

The maximum grant you could apply for was increased from £30,000 to £50,000 with effect from 13 July 2017. If you were awarded £30,000 in June 2017, the Committee will consider a revised application for a larger sum if you are able to meet all of the criteria which apply to large grants. Contact the Administrator before making a further application and a review officer will contact you to agree the specific requirements in your case.

If you received less than the maximum in June, you can submit applications for up to £30,000 in the normal way.

How do I submit an application for a large grant?

Complete the online application form and collate the supporting information in the same as way as all grant applicants.

In addition, prepare a written submission to the Committee which addresses each of the additional criteria listed here (link to above text) and submit this with a printed and signed copy of your application.

What is the review process for large grants?

Applications for large grants will be subject to an initial review by an Association Officer who may ask for more detail, or supporting evidence, in relation to your written submission. Applications for large grants will not go forward to the full Committee for consideration until the review officer is satisfied that the application is complete.

You are strongly advised to submit your application and the covering submission to the Association at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid having your application held over until the following quarter.

Essential reading for grant applications

Are you applying for funding to meet salaries?

Whilst we cannot provide legal advice, please do be aware that there will be employment law issues that you will need to consider should you decide to employ staff in your charity. If you decide to take on staff, the charity is ultimately responsible for meeting the salaries of its employees just as any other business.

Please note that the Association will only consider awarding grants to members to meet salary costs for a maximum of three consecutive years. After that three year period, any further application from that member to meet salary obligations will not be considered until such time as a further two year period has elapsed.

Please be advised that the approval of an application to meet salary obligations in a particular year does not mean that the Committee will automatically approve applications in future years. Each application will be individually considered on its merits in line with our published criteria.

Are you applying for funding to buy a minibus?

We have seen an increase in the requests for funding in this area. It has therefore been decided that any funding approved for minibuses, after full consideration by the Committee, will be limited to half of the cost of any vehicle sought.

It is always open, of course, for two members to make a joint application for full funding where both organisations will have use of the vehicle concerned.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Committee where a specialist vehicle is required but full details in support of such application will need to be given.

The Committee will expect to see, in any such application for vehicle funding, that alternatives have been carefully considered, including whether vehicles can be shared with other members and/or whether the option to hire a vehicle is a more cost effective solution in the long run.

How are the Committee considering the charity’s reserves?

The Committee expect to see (as a rule of thumb) no more than 3 months running costs as reserves. If the reserves are more than this the Committee will expect to see an explanation as to why reserves are not being utilised to meet the current funding need. This information is required before funding will be considered. Please refer to our terms and conditions (available on our website) where our reserve policy is set out in full.

Will the Committee consider previous grant decisions when considering my current application?

Yes. It is important for the Committee to consider the position fully to ensure that it makes informed decisions.

Essential reading for start-up charities

If you are considering starting a new charity in Jersey, we suggest that you bear the following points in mind:

Know your market place

It is important, right at the outset, to research your chosen area carefully and to consider whether other charities already exist in Jersey doing the same or similar work that you are contemplating. In those circumstances, it would be useful to consider enhancing the work of the existing charities rather than seeking to duplicate work that is already being done. Know your market place and do your research upfront.

Think ahead

Think long term and consider carefully whether you will be able to create a charity that is sustainable. Apart from the obvious need to obtain funding in due course, you will need to consider carefully your constitutional documentation and be aware that there may be employment law issues to consider should you decide to employ staff.

Membership and maximum annual funding

You will only be able to apply for a grant from the Association after being a member for six months. Full guidance on how to apply to become a member of the Association is on our website.

As a start-up charity:

  1. if you apply for a grant, the Committee will expect you to show in any such application (in addition to meeting our published criteria for making grants) that your charity has taken steps to fundraise itself before funding is sought from the Association;
  2. the maximum funding that you will be able to apply for in your first two years of membership will be at the Committee’s discretion; and
  3. please read our general guidance section on applications for funding for salaries, minibuses; the consideration of a charity’s reserve and historic decision of the Committee above.

Whilst we are unable to provide legal advice to you, we are here to help so do get in touch if you would like to talk matters through.

Please note that this online form cannot be saved. To ensure you do not lose data already input, type your answers into a Word document and copy and paste the data into the form once you are satisfied with your answers, and submit immediately. A copy of the completed form will come back to the email address entered on the form for you to print, sign and send in with your supporting documents. It is this paper version that must be with the Administrator by the deadline date. - DO NOT PRINT THE SCREEN, WAIT FOR THE EMAIL AFTER SUBMITTING THE FORM.


1. General information:

Explain what your charity does.
Please be brief and focus on the key areas related to the grant you are applying for.

2. Grant details:

Explain what the grant is for.
If there is more than one component, list each item and the amount involved separately. From time to time the AJC publishes specific guidance on how it assesses certain grant applications including, for example, applications for salaries and minibuses. Make sure your application complies with this.

Explain what impact the grant will have on any or all of:
(i) your organisation; (ii) the sector or cause that you support; (iii) the wider community (bearing in mind this must still meet the “charitable” test). For example: to extend services to a further (x) individuals, to raise awareness, to improve fundraising. Use this section to expand on the need for the item/service the grant will pay for.

3. Financial information

Financial information. Along with the information requested below you must also submit a copy of your organisation's financial accounts which are no more than 18 months old. The AJC understands that organisations need to maintain sufficient cash to cover running costs for a reasonable period and/or may have a reserves policy. Check the guidance note on the website. Make sure your figures and explanations in this section are consistent with any cash flow forecast and bank statements you are providing.

State the total of your cash, bank and investment balances at the time of application:

List all cash, bank and investment balances.
Identify any which have a restricted or designated purpose so that it is clear how much unrestricted cash is available to you at the time of application.

Explain why your existing unrestricted resources cannot be used (in whole or in part) as an alternative to grant funding.

Provide details above of any other fundraising initiatives you have considered or undertaken as an alternative to this grant application.
If you have applied to other organisations for a grant in respect of the item/purpose you are applying for now, state whether or not your application was approved in full or in part or is still pending.

4. Publicity

State how you will publicise the AJC’s support of your organisation.
The AJC needs you to publicise its activities and the wide range of causes it supports. Therefore for example you could include our logo in any literature, on letterheads, as sign writing on vehicles, or equipment or buildings, and mention us in any media releases. Please contact the administrator for guidance.

5. Additional information

Use this area to add any further information which may assist the Committee when considering your grant application.
Feel free to add any relevant statistics and testimonials etc and if you want to attach any leaflets or other documents, list them here and send in with your signed printed copy.

You must enclose the following documents/information with your printed copy of this form:

  • Financial accounts which are no more than 18 months old;
  • Bank statements showing balances on all accounts held by your organisation;
  • Where equipment is to be purchased or building improvements carried out, quotations or estimates of the anticipated costs.

Grants requests in excess of £5000 must also be accompanied by:

  • Cashflow and surplus projection for the 18 months from the date of this application;
  • 18 month expenditure forecast from the date of this application;
  • 18 month income forecast from the date of this application;
  • Financial statements for last three years (where applicable).

Full Criteria and Terms & Conditions of grants can be found here.

  • Once the application has been submitted, it will be placed in the "Private Members Area" for viewing by Members only prior to the next meeting in order for Members to comment on the application
  • After the next meeting of the committee at which your application is to be considered, you will be contacted by letter confirming the outcome. If unsuccessful, full reasons will be given
  • If successful, payment will ordinarily be paid directly to the bank account of the Member charity on production of final invoices/statements/contracts etc - the Administrator will liaise with you on this point
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of funds will be required
    - We are bound by a Service Level Agreement with the Economic Development Ministry to audit a percentage of grants awarded and may contact you in this respect
  • A Post Project Completion Report must be supplied on completion of the project
  • Grant recipients will need to acknowledge the source of funds both from the AJC and the States of Jersey Channel Islands lottery profits, where appropriate with logo:
    - Download our information guide here
    - Download the Jersey Charity Logo here
    - Download the Channel Islands Lottery (Black) Logo here
    - Download the Channel Islands Lottery (White) Logo here
    - Download the Channel Islands Lottery (Blue) Logo here
    - Download the Channel Islands Lottery (Gradient) Logo here
  • Should you have any problems with this process please contact the Administrator
  • In signing this form you acknowledge that you have read the 'Criteria for Making Grants', 'Definition of Need', 'Stance on Member's Reserves' and 'Terms and Conditions'.


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